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365 Days of Pics & Posts for 2012

15 February 2012

Immy is studying the ocean at school currently and was truely engrossed in learning about the marine life in Antarctica tonight, and we really enjoyed reading some of it together too.

A quite moment infront of the TV.

Coby is off on Band camp tomorow, so she was being her usual messy self tonight while she was meant to be getting organised and packed for camp tomorrow.

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14 February 2012

Valentines day, and of course W & Coby exchanged cards and the like it was very sweet.  But for the rest of us a normal day.

Check out how Miss Immy occupies a bed when she has it all to her self, this was just before I moved her to let her sister in!

Dylan takes his ukelele which he made with him most places and just amuses himself with it when he has nothing else to do, like at soccer training this arvo.

Coby was in training again this arvo.

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13 February 2012

See how my 2 lovely girls sleep when they are together, well at the start anyhow, a few hours later it was a tangled mess of girls. No Dylan pic today I’m afraid 😦

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12 February 2012

I took Immy and Dylan to the Beechboro pool today and they had a lovely play in the back yard with things which they found as most of their toys are packed into the storage shed until the end of April, so at least they were using their imaginations.  I did feel a little bad for them though only having one bowling pin to try to bowl over.

This isn’t the prettiest photo of Imogen I’ve taken but gee it makes me laugh, she is so cheeky sometimes 🙂

Coby is the biggest bathroom hog at the moment, she is in there for nearly 30-40 minutes every day grrrrrr.


11 February 2012

Feathers, feathers, magical feathers.  Tonight was the most magical night, I have never seen anything as amazing as the display I saw tonight.  The kids weren’t overly enthusiastic to be going, but from the moment I saw the ad for it I just knew I had to go.  It was a slow start with just a single feather and acrobatics on aerial wires strung between the highrises in Perth City, gradually the acrobats let go of more and more feathers, we even saw a pillow fight up so high with open ended pillow cases which allowed feathers to burst forth.  Towards the end of the hour long performance, it was literally snowing feathers, if you had your mouth open you couldn’t breathe properly, and Coby and I had them sticking to our eyes because we were wearing mascara.  I have never seen the city so happy before, random people were throwing feathers at complete strangers and everyone was smiling and laughing.  People (including our kids) were laying in the street and making snow/feather angel patterns in the almost foot deep of feathers through certain streets, it truely was a sight to behold, and one I’m sure we will never witness on that scale again, but for tonight it was a truely magical experience.

Look at our little feather angel, when else do you see people laying in a busy street…???

Dylan loved the textural part of the night along with it being acceptable to throw handfuls of feathers at anyone and still mostly get a smile in return.

Even Coby thought it was the most amazing experience.



10 February 2012

All cuddled up with her two favourite cuddly puppies.


Mmm nacho’s, porr Dylan and Immy were starving by the time we got home from soccer.

Tonight Coby played her first and second games of indoor soccer, and wow she was so great, she’d never played with or met the other girls before but she really read the play well, look at the concentration on her face.  I am so proud of her.

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9 February 2012

Lots more cleaning again today, then a quick trip to the shopping centre to get Coby some indoor soccer shoes ready for her first game tomorrow night with the Girls Kick Butt soccer academy.

Only a pic of Immy today, with all the cleaning and moving its been tough to get a photo every day but I’m sure once we’ve finished moving I will be back on the wagon.

Given that she loves dogs so much I had to snap a quick pic infront of the doors to the Peter Alexander PJ shop, when the doors are closed the back and front ends make a complete sausage dog, and oh those lovely pink doors, yes please.

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8 February 2012

Tonight I am so grateful to have a comfortable home to stay in, Mal’s work friends are lending us their house while they are away at work for 2 weeks.  I did some more cleaning at our ex-rental today with Immy and Dylan’s help.  Mal left for work again today after yet another trip to the storage shed, which means I have to finish of the cleaning on my own.  I have decided we need to down size our stuff, as I really don’t want to have to move as much as we have in our last few moves.  I am going to start with my stuff, I filled one shopping bag full tonight which will go to the Salvos tomorrow and I really want to keep sorting my stuff and PURGE!!  I need to do lots of sewing and finish my projects so I can sell them and not have to keep moving so much crafty stuff.  New motto “Use it or Lose It!”

Imogen hasn’t seen a cuckoo clock in someones home before and she couldn’t wait for it to do its special thing.

Dylan is so the opposite of Coby, while she was busy on the exercise equipment he made the most of a comfy recliner.

Coby is happy as there is exercise equipment where we are staying, so she made the most of it tonight, she is going to be sore tomorrow I think.

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7 February 2012

Another huge packing day today and its still not all done, we are off to H & J’s house to stay tonight.  I have no photos of the girls today but Immy did crack us up on our way to Kalamunda,  Immy said to Coby “Your fringe isn’t Nemo any more,” to which Coby replied “Nemo is a fish you know!”  “No!” says Immy, “You know the nemo people who wear their fringe funny” “Oh” says Coby, “You mean EMO” needless to say both Coby and I were in stitches 🙂

Dylan is the only one who I managed to capture in our hectic day today, he just loves the piano and when he got to H & J’s he was off, even being patient and showing his cousins a trick or two.

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6 February 2012

Today we did yet more packing and Coby got a lovely handmade card from W for their anniversary.  Immy and Dylan both went for a long overdue checkup at the dentist today, and oh Joy they are both going to need braces in the future too!  It is our last night sleeping at the Greenwood house tonight and it was odd with no cats or dog with us as they have all been dropped to various places to be looked after.

This was Immys first trip to the dentist, and she needed no fillings and she wasn’t even scared, it probably helped that the dentist is one of her friends dads and is really gentle, funny and friendly.

Dylan was brave at the dentist too, he needs 2 fillings but seeing as his two teeth are baby ones and they aren’t hurting, the dentist decided it wouldn’t be worth the stress and drama of fillings as the teeth will fall out in the next 6 months any way, that was a big relief to both Dylan and I.


This is how I found Coby when she decided that she didn’t want to share a bed with her brother, as hers had been packed

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